life alart system to facilitate the people's life


Area security system has been developed from the local to the remote, from the cell periphery to the core - the family moving closer together. The new intelligent home burglar alarm system in the sensor side, mainly through the head, infrared, gas, coal, flu, broken glass, and other detectors to sense abnormal changes, when the sensor detects the abnormal situation, automatically sent to the police intelligence relevant departments and personnel in order to receive timely treatment to reduce casualties and property losses.

The existing life alert system can be divided into network-type and single-family two broad categories.

Network-centric model is to plot the composition of the community-based anti-theft alarm centers, residential security and management by specialized departments to deal with the property owners to reduce the worry. This is a fight for the major business focus, because of its large coverage, the user more convenience promotion, mainly used in the new district, the user concept can be readily accepted.

Single-family is in the anti-theft alarm, when the whole plot there is no unified opinion, and some users are willing to install, some users do not want to install, then those who want life alert system, the user, you can use a single-family structure, on the other hand, the old transformation of the cell, there are many problems, network-based system needs re-wiring, re-install, also need to transition to single-family. Therefore, single-family system also has a large market share, mainly depending on the user's own quality and affordability.

The above-mentioned two kinds of alarm system to face market products mainly include three kinds of information transmission method: cable network transmission, wireless networks and public network traffic, including the use of existing public networks (such as telephone networks, broadband networks) for information transmission, in particular, the telephone network application has its very favorable conditions。

From the current perspective of the development, life alert monitor the industry's leading technology driven technology in it, with the development of networks and computer technology, home security products will be new changes. Anti-theft alarm not only as the development trend of the future with alarm, but also can develop a lot of other features, such as emergency assistance, medical care, home economics, call, etc., which requires to go beyond the capabilities of existing phone calls, coupled with transfer pictures, etc. richer information.


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