VCD file in the application of multimedia computer

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VCD that is an acronym for Video Compact Disc: Video compression disc. VCD standard by Sony, Philips, JVC, Panasonic and other manufacturers of electrical production in 1993, the White Paper is the number of CD-ROM standard.

What is VCD? Perhaps there are still many people do not understand what is VCD. VCD is an acronym for Video Compact Disk, is a compressed image format. Prior to the uncompressed, this is CD quality audio format, that is, we often hear the sound of the music CD. ) MPEG-1 layer 2,224 Kb / s Audio Bite Rate compression. With this kind of compression, in the restore after the music CD format, even trained professionals can not distinguish between audition division with the original CD sound quality on-chip differences. In other words, this compression is a non-destructive compression.

File Extension VCD, virtual drive (Virtual Drive) is a tool to simulate the real CD-ROM software, it can create up to 23 virtual CD-ROM or CD-ROM counter 1000 will be on CD-ROM applications and data compression into a virtual CD-ROM file File Extension VCD, kept in the specified hard disk and create a virtual CD-ROM icon to inform the operating system can be regarded as a virtual CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive to use.

Why can not burn from VCD player? Many people believe that this is the face of a headache: Why do I have produced images that can play on your computer, burn VCD CD-ROM can be used after the machine is not to play? This may be the File Extension VCD files are destroyed, or CD-ROM and software problems.

Whenever such a situation, they can recommend to download the File Extension VCD repair software to fix this error.